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   The Sightings Page is a combination of:

  • Engine Rosters - All the roster and footnote information was gathered and compiled from various other sources.  Not all of them are noted, but credit is given to them. I expect the information to accurate but I do not guarantee it.
  • Photo References - Although the Gallery Page is available to view photos located on Just Trains, the Sightings Page does provide a way to view photos referenced by locomotive.  Some of the photos noted are archived on Just Trains, others are not.  They reside on other sites through out the WWW.  An attempt is made to make available as a reference, all photos available for a given locomotive.
  • Actual Sighting Journal Entries - Several years ago I decided to keep track of the locomotives I see.  I was curious how often I would see the same ones and possibly note their 'migration paths', so to speak.  I could use your input on this effort.  If you have a sighting, submit it to me and I will add it to the list.  Please don't submit sightings unless there has been a reasonable amount of time between sightings.  For example, it the time between sightings is just a matter of hours.  Also, I don't want more than one entry for a given switcher working in a yard if that is the only place it stays.  Know what I mean?

For now, I am going to keep data on Norfolk Southern only. I might add more later but let's see how this goes first.  Click on the following NS image for the NS Sightings Page.

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