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Interesting Information - CSX/NS Operations in Atlanta

CSX/NS Operations in Atlanta

The January 18, 1999 issue of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had an article about the NS and CSX merger with Conrail.  There was a side-bar of information on NS and CSX operations in Atlanta.  That same information is presented here with credit to the AJC and the research staff.

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Atlanta area employees: 2,900

Trains and rail cars handled in average 24 hours: 108 road trains and 35 yard engines.   Road crews handled an average of 8,640 cars per day and the yard engines handled an average of 3,341 cars per day.

Yards: Inman Yard consist of five yards that classify, forward, receive shipments that include local destination shipments and intermodal.  Additional yards include Chamblee, Doraville, Forest Park, East Point and South Yard.

Trackage: The railroad created a second Main Line, consisting of 4.5 miles next to Inman Yard.  Two new segments of track, 8 miles and 4.5 miles each, in the Hiram-Rockmart area, were created last year.

Intermodal Operations: Norfolk Southern recorded 411,129 intermodal lifts - placing a container on a flat car or removing one from a flat car - at Inman Yard during 1998.  The numbers ranged from 30,958 lifts in February to a high of 7,162 in October. *

Construction: The railroad expects to begin work in a new intermodal facility on 830 acres at Austell costing $125 million.   Litigation to allow that construction was finally settled.

Locomotive shop: The Atlanta shop supplies generators, traction motors and wheel/axle sets for the Norfolk Southern locomotive fleet of 2,242 units.

Atlanta area employees: 600

Trains and rail cars handled in average 24 hours: The railway moves 80-100 trains a day through Atlanta, with each train consisting of two locomotives and an average of 150 cars.

Yards: Tilford Yard operates mainly for classification of trains.  Howells Yard is an industry yard for switching trains to tracks to serve various industries.  On an average day in December, some 2,920 cars were switched.  Hulsey Yards handles intermodal lifts.

Trackage: The railroad has 121 route miles in greater Atlanta.  Measured from zero-mile post beneath Atlanta Underground, the route miles include 22 miles to Lithonia, 15 miles to Tucker, 20 miles each for two lines to Union City and 20 miles to Peachtree City.  It did not add miles in 1998 and has no plans pending to add track miles this year.

Intermodal Operations: The railroad did 282,397 intermodal lifts in 1998.

Construction: A $32 million new intermodal facility opens in Fairburn in June, relieving busy operations at the Hulsey Yard and allowing for expanded operations as CSX introduces its new services following merger with Conrail.

* - These are the values as presented in the article.  I believe it to be in error because the "high of 7,162" is less that the previous number. - rh

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