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Interesting Information - Diesel Locomotive Information

Diesel Locomotive Information

Most Powerful Diesel Locomotives

Source: Lance Myers


DD40-X 6600
AC6000CW 6000
SD90MAC 6000
SD80MAC 5000
SD89MAC 4500
AC4400CW 4400
C44-8W 4400
C44-9W 4400
P42DC 4250
C41-8W 4100
C41-9W 4100
SD70MAC 4000
C40-8 4000
C40-8W 4000
C40-9 4000
C40-9W 4000
SD60MAC 3900


Number Of Locomotives Per Railroad
(as of 1999)

Source: Lance Myers


# Locomotives
Union Pacific 6971+
BNSF 4992
CSX 3674+ (incl. CR)
NS 3080 (incl. CR)
Conrail 2100
Canadian National 2038
Canadian Pacific 1709
Amtrak 503

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