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Interesting Information - Passenger Car Classes

Passenger Car Classes

From the March 1999 edition of Model Railroader, pg. 43...

The American Association of Railroads has six categories of passenger classes:

B - Baggage C - Combine D - Dining I - Instruction M - Mail P - Passenger

Each one of these is broker down into several subcategories:

PA - short-haul (suburban) coach DKP - kitchen car
PB - coach or chair car DLC - lunch-counter kitchen
PBO - coach-observation CA - baggage-coach
PC - parlor or chair car CBS - baggage-dormitory
PD - tavern BE - stangard baggage
PDS - tavern-sleeper BEM - baggage-express-messenger
PL - lounge BH - horse car
PO - observation BLF - flatcar (usually for containers)
PS - sleeping car BR - refrigerator express
PSA - dormitory BX - box express
PV - private or business car BXM - box express messenger
DA - standard dining car MA - postal car
DCL - lunch-counter lounge MB - baggage-mail
DD - diner-dormitory MBD - mail-baggage-dormitory
DE - diner without kitchen MD - mail-dormitory
DK - dormitory kitchen IA - instruction car

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