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The Coffee Valley RR
I woke up one morning with an uneasy feeling.  It took awhile to figure out what was wrong - I realized that I did not have enough unfinished projects.  So, I decided to start building a N Scale layout - The Coffee Valley Railroad.

The concept for this layout was inspired by an article in the January/February 1996 issue of N-Scale magazine ("A Small Layout" by John Palecki).

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    For quite awhile I pondered about what I should call my N scale world.   Then, while I was standing there one evening working on the layout, the name hit me - The Coffee Valley Railroad.  See, part of my landscape will consist of a valley.  As part of my planning, this valley was marked off with masking tape.  I realized that almost every time I worked on the layout, I would have a cup of coffee with me.  Since I was working on the track plan, I needed a safe place to set the cup.  So, I placed it in the valley because I knew I would not be placing any buildings or tracks there and the cup would, therefore, not be in the way.  I plan to name the valley Coffee Valley, of course.  I like the name.  Now I just have to come up with a logo...

    The layout is 3' x 6' and about 42" high.   The legs are easily removable with casters on the bottom.  One corner of the top is for the control panel.  It sits at a slight angle - comfortable for use when I am sitting on a stool or standing.  The control panel will be hinged on the side closest to me, allowing easy access to the back side for wiring work.  6" thick insulating foam is glued to the top.  This allows for 'digging' out the valley and adding additional foam to build up the mountain.

    At this point, the legs are built and attached.  The one sharing the corner with the control panel does not have a front cross brace.  This is so that I don't hit my leg on it when sitting at the table.  I have placed some track on the table to get a feeling for the layout.  The masking tape represents the locations of the mountain and valley.

    I now have all the base foam down. It is approximately 6" thick and is glued to the table top. This will allow me to easily dig out the valley and the underpass.  The mountain will be thinner pieces of foam built and shaped as needed.  The underpass is located on the control panel end of the layout.

    It is now time to start working on the fascia.  For this, I took some old wall paneling and cut it to shape. I did not want it to look like old wall paneling so I placed the backside out. It will look just fine after I paint it.


 - Plate Girder Bridge
 - Small Timber Trestle Bridge
 - Large Timber Trestle Bridge

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Randy Hawkins