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     Calling all layout designers!!!  I need your ideas. Sometime in the future I am going to be building a HO scale layout and would like some input. Right now, it is in the concept phase. This means I can list everything I want on the layout (and I probably will get carried away). Granted, I will not be able to have everything I want. But, if I don't put it on the list, I am sure not to get it. If you would, take some time to look over the list and if you come up with any ideas, e-mail them to me or leave a message in the Guestbook at the bottom of the page. I will read and consider your ideas. If they are something I think I would like to do, I will post them here for general consumption. By combining your ideas with mine, maybe a nice layout will be designed. Thanks in advance!

Table Of Contents

Room Dimensions

Following is a list of my layout requirements (and desires). I will be adding to this list as I have time.

Designed for disassembly - I don't plan on moving but I guess it is always possible
Open girder
Probably just one level...could be multi-level
If multi-level, prefer no helix
Walk around control
Control Panel(s)
Point-to-point with optional continuous loop. I want to give the layout a purpose of moving goods from one location to another and to have the operational enjoyment of doing just that. But, I would also like to have the option of allowing it to run free.
Prefer no reverse loops
Main Line
Minimum radius: 30"
Minimum turnout: #6
Dual track such that two trains can run simultaneously
Track centers at 2" (for dual tracks of course) to allow for finger space
Main Line tracks are 2' scale above yard tracks
Branch / Yard (Anything not Main Line)
Minimum radius: 18"
Minimum turnout: #4
Track centers at 1 3/4" (for tracks which run close and parallel) to allow for finger space
Points Of Interest
Large Port City (One end of the point-to-point)
Large rail yard - Basically, I want this to look line an old steam era yard which has been modified over the years for diesel service.
Both steam and diesel service facilities
Caboose track
2-3 staging tracks
3-5 storage tracks
Plenty of room for MOW and other scenic details
Industrial area with switching operations
Small town (The other end of the point-to-point)
Small rail yard
Situated in mountains
Coal mine
Lumber mill
Military Base - I need a place for my Army train set.   This would be mostly scenic but I would like a spur to enter the base.
Heavy forest area
Generic military style buildings
Dirt and pavement roads
Track vs. Scenery - Equal balance
Hidden vs. Visible track - Prefer visible; Little, if any, hidden staging yard (unless space allows)

Room Dimensions...
Here is a diagram of my future train room (click on it to view a bigger image). There is one wall which has a circuit breaker panel on it. I believe it would be best to reserve this wall for my desks, tables, wall shelves, and such. Therefore, the door would probably go best on the left side of the room. That leaves the other three walls for the benchwork. Unfortunately, the right side of the room has only about seven foot of height due to heating ducts. Feel free to copy this image and make additions or changes for suggested benchwork.

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July, 22 1997 - Our first letter (and only letter at this point) is from Chuck Davis. Chuck writes (with my responses in blue)...

O.K. Randy: I'm cogitating. A couple questions that might make a difference as to what I suggest.


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